Title Instructorsort descending Course Number Dates
The Green Museum: Introduction to Environmental Sustainability in Museums On-line Course ms265
Care of Paper Artifacts On-line Course ms228
The Museum Certificate Program certificate
Building and Maintaining an Engaged Nonprofit Board of Directors Online Course ms250
Care of Textiles On-line Course Ann Coppinger ms212
Integrated Pest Management for Museums, Libraries and Archives On-line Course Christina Cain ms210
Care of Archaeological Artifacts from the Field to the Lab On-line Course Diana Komejan ms215
The Problem with Plastics On-line Short Course Diana Komejan ms001
Opening and Closing Seasonal Museums On-line Course Diana Komejan ms219
Care of Furniture and Wood Artifacts On-line Course Diana Komejan ms226
Care of Metals On-line Course Diana Komejan ms223
Dangerous Materials: Chemical Poisons in Collections On-line Course Dr. Nancy Odegaard ms255
Museum Cleaning Basics On-line Course Elizabeth Burton ms217
Condition Assessments On-line Short Course Elizabeth Burton ms010
Care of Paintings On-line Course Elizabeth Burton ms227
Preservation Environments On-line Course Ernest Conrad ms211
Care of Photographs On-line Course Gawain Weaver ms222
Applying Numbers to Collection Objects: Materials and Methods of Object Numbering On-line Course Helen Alten ms208
Museum Artifacts: How they were made and how they deteriorate On-line Course Helen Alten ms213
Buy-In: Getting All of the Staff to Support Preservation On-line Short Course Helen Alten ms008
Care of Leather and Skin Materials On-line Course Helen Alten ms224
Making Museum Quality Mannequins On-line Course Helen Alten ms243
Introduction to Grant Writing and Fundraising On-line Course Helen Alten ms302
Disaster Preparation & Recovery On-line Course Helen Alten ms253
Care of Baskets On-line Course Helen Alten ms225
Archives Management On-line Course Jennifer Edwards ms234
Museum Microclimates On-line Course Jerry Shiner ms242
Exhibit Rehab: Breathing New Life Into Old Exhibits John Veverka ms272
Planning and Designing Interpretive Panels John Veverka ms270
Creating Interpretive Gallery Tours John Veverka ms268
Advanced Interpretive Techniques -Interpreting the "Rest of the Story" John Veverka ms273
Training for Interpretive Trainers John Veverka ms271
Visitor Motivations for Selecting Programs John Veverka ms269
Formative Evaluations for Exhibits and Public Programs Online Course Karin Hostetter ms237
Gallery Guides On-line Short Course Karin Hostetter ms011
The Volunteer Handbook On-line Course Karin Hostetter ms259
Education in Museums On-line Course Karin Hostetter ms236
Fundamentals of Museum Volunteer Programs On-line Course Karin Hostetter ms108
Keeping Small Animals on Exhibit (Care and Feeding of Small Animal Exhibits) On-line Short Course Karin Hostetter ms012
Exhibit Fundamentals: Ideas to Installation On-line Course Karin Hostetter ms106
Social Media with an Educational Purpose Karin Hostetter ms274
Scripting the Exhibition On-line Course Karin Hostetter ms235
Education Collections On-line Short Course Karin Hostetter ms014
Retail Store Management for Small Museums On-line Course Karl Hoerig ms254
Introduction to Museums On-line Course Kimberly Kenney ms101
Collections Management Policies for Museums and Related Institutions On-line Course Kimberly Kenney ms209
Materials for Storage and Display On-line Course Laura Elliff Cruz ms204
An Introduction to Collections Preservation On-line Course Laura Elliff Cruz ms104
Museum Storage Facilities and Furniture On-line Course Laura Elliff Cruz ms202
Museum Storage Techniques On-line Course Laura Elliff Cruz ms203
Traveling Exhibitions On-line Course Lin Nelson-Mayson ms244
Museum Ethics On-line Course Peggy Schaller ms267
The Basics of Museum Registration On-line Course Peggy Schaller ms103
Collections Management: Cataloging Your Collection On-line Course Peggy Schaller ms207
Collection Inventories On-line Course Peggy Schaller ms218
The Mission Statement: Is it really that important? On-line Short Course Peggy Schaller ms007
Found in the Collection: Orphans, Old Loans and Abandoned Property On-line Course Sarah Kapellusch ms303
Legal Issues in Collection Management On-line Course Sarah Kapellusch ms266
Collection Management Databases On-line Course Sarah Kapellusch ms214
Moving Collections On-line Course Stefani Pendergast ms262
Introduction to Museum Security On-line Course Stevan Layne ms107
Security I - Certified Institutional Protection Specialist On-line Course Stevan Layne ms304
Security II - Certified Institutional Protection Manager On-line Course Stevan Layne ms305
Museum Management On-line Course Sue Near ms109
Disaster Plan Research and Writing On-line Course Terri Schindel ms205
Collection Protection - Are you Prepared? On-line Short Course Terri Schindel ms002
Matting and Framing On-line Course Tom Bennett ms233
Design and Construction of Exhibit Mounts On-line Course Tom Bennett ms238