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Courses we recommend:


MS244: Traveling Exhibitions
              Course Description & Info     Instructor: Lin Nelson-Mayson
              Student Login    Price: $475.00
              Nov 4 – Nov 29, 2013     [Learn More]   
              Nov 4 – Nov 28, 2014     [Learn More]   


Books and products we recommend:


Working with Polyethylene Foam and Fluted Plastic SheetCCI Tech Bulletin #14 Working with Polyethylene Foam and Fluted Plastic Sheet by Carl Schlichting 
Examines several techniques and illustrates a series of basic approaches that have been developed for working with polyethylene foam and fluted plastic. The many detailed illustrations clarify for the reader the fabrication methods described in the text.

Working with Polyethylene Foam & Fluted Plastic $18.00

[Learn More]   



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