Title Instructor Course Number Dates
The Problem with Plastics On-line Short Course Diana Komejan ms001
Advanced Interpretive Techniques -Interpreting the "Rest of the Story" John Veverka ms273
Care of Textiles On-line Course Ann Coppinger ms212
Exhibit Rehab: Breathing New Life Into Old Exhibits John Veverka ms272
Moving Collections On-line Course Stefani Pendergast ms262
Planning and Designing Interpretive Panels John Veverka ms270
Preservation Environments On-line Course Ernest Conrad ms211
Training for Interpretive Trainers John Veverka ms271
Visitor Motivations for Selecting Programs John Veverka ms269
Security I - Certified Institutional Protection Specialist On-line Course Stevan Layne ms304
Security II - Certified Institutional Protection Manager On-line Course Stevan Layne ms305
Keeping Small Animals on Exhibit (Care and Feeding of Small Animal Exhibits) On-line Short Course Karin Hostetter ms012
Archives Management On-line Course Jennifer Edwards ms234
Buy-In: Getting All of the Staff to Support Preservation On-line Short Course Samantha Hunt-Duran ms008
Care of Metals On-line Course Diana Komejan ms223
Care of Paintings On-line Course Elizabeth Burton ms227
Collection Inventories On-line Course Peggy Schaller ms218
Collection Management Databases On-line Course Sarah Kapellusch ms214
Collections Management: Cataloging Your Collection On-line Course Peggy Schaller ms207
Condition Assessments On-line Short Course Elizabeth Burton ms010
Education Collections On-line Short Course Karin Hostetter ms014
Formative Evaluations for Exhibits and Public Programs Online Course Karin Hostetter ms237
Found in the Collection: Orphans, Old Loans and Abandoned Property On-line Course Sarah Kapellusch ms303
Fundamentals of Museum Volunteer Programs On-line Course Karin Hostetter ms108
Heritage Economics for Interpreters, Planners, Site Managers, and Educators John Veverka ms275
Integrated Pest Management for Museums, Libraries and Archives On-line Course Stefani Pendergast ms210
Introduction to Museums On-line Course Samantha Hunt-Duran ms101
Legal Issues in Collection Management On-line Course Sarah Kapellusch ms266
Museum Cleaning Basics On-line Course Elizabeth Burton ms217
Museum Ethics On-line Course Peggy Schaller ms267
Museum Management On-line Course Samantha Hunt-Duran ms109
Scripting the Exhibition On-line Course Karin Hostetter ms235
Social Media with an Educational Purpose Karin Hostetter ms274
The Basics of Museum Registration On-line Course Peggy Schaller ms103
The Mission Statement: Is it really that important? On-line Short Course Peggy Schaller ms007
The Volunteer Handbook On-line Course Karin Hostetter ms259
Museum Storage Techniques On-line Course Laura Elliff Cruz ms203
Materials for Storage and Display On-line Course Laura Elliff Cruz ms204
The Museum Certificate Program certificate
Museum Storage Facilities and Furniture On-line Course Laura Elliff Cruz ms202
An Introduction to Collections Preservation On-line Course Laura Elliff Cruz ms104
Applying Numbers to Collection Objects: Materials and Methods of Object Numbering On-line Course ms208
Building and Maintaining an Engaged Nonprofit Board of Directors Online Course ms250
Care of Baskets On-line Course ms225
Care of Furniture and Wood Artifacts On-line Course ms226
Care of Leather and Skin Materials On-line Course ms224
Care of Paper Artifacts On-line Course ms228
Care of Photographs On-line Course ms222
Collection Protection - Are you Prepared? On-line Short Course ms002
Collections Management Policies for Museums and Related Institutions On-line Course ms209
Dangerous Materials: Chemical Poisons in Collections On-line Course ms255
Design and Construction of Exhibit Mounts On-line Course ms238
Disaster Plan Research and Writing On-line Course ms205
Disaster Preparation & Recovery On-line Course ms253
Education in Museums On-line Course Karin Hostetter ms236
Exhibit Fundamentals: Ideas to Installation On-line Course Karin Hostetter ms106
Gallery Guides On-line Short Course Karin Hostetter ms011
Introduction to Grant Writing and Fundraising On-line Course ms302
Introduction to Museum Security On-line Course ms107
Making Museum Quality Mannequins On-line Course ms243
Matting and Framing On-line Course ms233
Museum Artifacts: How they were made and how they deteriorate On-line Course ms213
Museum Microclimates On-line Course ms242
Opening and Closing Seasonal Museums On-line Course ms219
Retail Store Management for Small Museums On-line Course ms254
The Green Museum: Introduction to Environmental Sustainability in Museums On-line Course ms265
Traveling Exhibitions On-line Course ms244
Care of Archaeological Artifacts from the Field to the Lab On-line Course ms215
Creating Interpretive Gallery Tours John Veverka ms268