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Light Levels

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Collections Caretaker Vol 2 No 3
Vol.2 No.3
Exhibiting Without Damaging Collections


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UV Detecting BeadsUV Detecting Beads The beads contain pigments that react with ultraviolet light from the sun, even on a cloudy day, turning them from white (no UV) to colored. Make your own UV light detecting bracelet by stringing the beads on a pipe stem or on a strip of rawhide. Great for teaching UV awareness! Use the beads to test the UV blocking effectiveness of sunblock, sunglasses, windows, etc. Available in five colors (purple, blue, yellow, orange and red), all beads are pale, off-white in the absence of UV light. The ultraviolet beads will cycle back and forth (to bright colors and back again) over 50,000 times.

1,000 assorted beads $48.00

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100 assorted beads $5.00

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10 assorted beads $0.55

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UV DetectorUV Detector This detector contains UV Detecting Beads inside of a clear plastic bottle. When the detector is shielded from UV radiation, the beads are white. When exposed to UV radiation (between 360 and 300 nm in wavelength), the beads turn purple. This detector can change color thousands of times.

UV Detector $6.50

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