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Musical Instruments

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CCI NotesCCI Notes is the most important collection care publication a museum can purchase. A collection of over 90 technical leaflets written for a broad audience, topics in this continually expanding series range from "Removing Mould from Leather" to "Storage for Costume Accessories" and "Indoor Display of Industrial Collections." CCI Notes are illustrated, include supplier lists and a thorough bibliography. Note: this publication is not a compilation of the CCI technical bulletins. CCI Notes is no longer for sale but is available online at the CCI website.

Table of Contents
1. Care of Collections – General Guidelines
2. Preventive Conservation
3. The Museum Environment – Biological Factors
4. Archaeological and Field Conservation
5. Ceramics and Glass
6. Care of Ethnographic Materials
7. Furniture and Wooden Artifacts
8. Leather, Skin and Fur
9. Metals
10. Paintings and Polychrome Sculpture
11. Paper and Books
12. Stone and Plaster
13. Textiles and Fibres
14. Planning for Disaster Management
15. Other Materials
16. Care of Photographic Materials
17. Spot Tests in Conservation
18. Conservation Equipment

CCI Notes is no longer for sale but is available online at the CCI website.  




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