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Class Format

Our classes all follow the same basic format and operate on a weekly schedule. Each week, you’ll be presented with the following components

  • A “lecture” which is text-based or a PDF slideshow.
  • Additional required readings, either from online sources or a textbook.
  • Forum postings. The instructor will often ask you to answer a question and interact with other students in the forum at some point during the week.
  • 1-2 assignments, usually due at the end of the week. These are submitted online to your instructor.
  • 1-3 text-based chats every week. These are the only “live” portion of the class, and are scheduled at a certain time of day, based on student locations and instructor availability. The instructor will gather input from all the students the first few days of the course so that a time can be found that will work for everyone.
  • One or more quizzes are used in some courses to solidify your knowledge of introduced concepts. These are instantly graded. You can retake quizzes until you score 100%.

We do our very best to make the class schedules flexible. Chats are the only live portions, and as mentioned above, are scheduled around you. All of the other portions a student can complete in their own time-frame, as long as they are completed by the set deadlines. If you have possible travel or time conflicts that you feel may affect your ability to participate, just let us know and we’ll do our best to make it work for you.

Class Lengths

We have two standard class lengths

Short Courses (One Week) $99

These cover a single topic in depth and are a little faster paced.

Long Courses (Four-Six Weeks) $499

Most of our courses are this length, and the longer time allows a little more flexibility in the scheduling, if you think you may have a conflict. There are a few courses that run longer than six weeks.