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Courses we recommend:

  MS 253: Disaster Preparation and Recovery Online Course



Books and products we recommend:

Fire Prevention Programs for MuseumsCCI Tech Bulletin #18 Fire Prevention Programs for Museums by Paul Baril
Will help museums develop and implement effective fire prevention programs. The basic elements of fire prevention programs are discussed, as well as the administration of the program. Numerous examples are provided to help museum staffs prepare documents and procedures.

Fire Prevention Programs for Museums $18.00 [Learn More]

Collections Caretaker Vol 2 No 1
Vol.2 No.1
Fire Recovery

  $5.00 [Learn More]   

"A small fire required a big recovery effort" by Shelly Sjøvold and Helen Alten

"Recovering from a fire, flood or earthquake: An organized response makes all the difference" by Helen Alten

"Emergency preparedness and recovery services available"

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