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Specific Materials – Storing Paper

Courses we recommend:


MS201: Storage for Infinity: An Overview of Museum Storage Principles (Only once in 2013)
              Course Description & Info     Instructor: Lori Benson
              Student Login    Price: $475
              Mar 4 – Mar 29, 2013      [Learn More]   


Books and products we recommend:


Dry Methods for Surface Cleaning of PaperCCI Tech Bulletin #11 Dry Methods for Surface Cleaning of Paper by Janet Cowan. 
This practical instruction guide is perfect for use by those responsible for care and preservation of works on paper. Describes problems caused by dirt and potential difficulties from the nature and / or condition of paper artifacts. Discusses cleaning materials and techniques and suggests specific types of works of art and archival material.

Dry Methods for Surface
Cleaning of Paper

[Learn More]     



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