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Courses we recommend:

MS217: Museum Cleaning Basics

Books and products we recommend:

Controlling Museum Fungal Problems Cover
CCI Tech Bulletin #12 Controlling Museum Fungal Problems by Thomas J.K. Strang and John E. Dawson
Provides guidance on identifying a fungal problem, fungal problems in wood outdoors, and controlling fungi.

Controlling Museum Fungal Problems $12.00 [Learn More] 

Dry Methods for Surface Cleaning of Paper CCI Tech Bulletin #11 Dry Methods for Surface Cleaning of Paper by Janet Cowan.
This practical instruction guide is perfect for use by those responsible for care and preservation of works on paper. Describes problems caused by dirt and potential difficulties from the nature and / or condition of paper artifacts. Discusses cleaning materials and techniques and suggests specific types of works of art and archival material.

Dry Methods for Surface
Cleaning of Paper
$18.00 [Learn More]    

Express VacExpress Vac, our smallest vacuum, weighs 8 lb. (with accessories and box) and has a top handle. Measures 12”x 8.25”x 9.5”. Fabric carrying Tote sold separately. Three filtration systems are available: (1) a bag and shell filter combination, (2) a disposable, anti-dump canister filter in a recycled plastic housing or (3) a HEPA filter cartridge. Low suction makes this vacuum ideal for collection cleaning. See micro-tools under accessories.

Express Vac with dust bag filter $149 [Learn More]   
Express Vac with toner cartridge filter $159 [Learn More]   
Express Vac with HEPA cartridge filter $199 [Learn More]   
Express Vac Carry Tote $30.50 [Learn More]   
Express Vac dust bag filters (10 bags, 1 shell) $25.10 [Learn More]   
Express Vac toner cartridge filters (2/pack) $25.00 [Learn More]   
Express Vac HEPA cartridge filters (2/pack) $44.25 [Learn More]   

Omega Vac SupremeOmega Vac Supreme, weighing 12 lb., has a shoulder strap and lid storage area for accessories. Measures 19.5” x 9” x 6.25”. Choice of filter determines level of dust retention. Omega Series standard filters are designed to capture dust, dirt, soot, pollen, black toner and most color toner. The optional HEPA filters are designed to capture fumes, atmospheric dust, all color toner and other ultra-fine particulate. Both filters are disposable, anti-dump canisters. The vacuum meets UL and CSA certified safety standards. Great for general exhibit and storage room cleaning. Suction is stronger than normally desired for cleaning collections.

Omega Vac Supreme $292.50 [Learn More]   
Omega Vac Supreme with HEPA filter $304.50 [Learn More]   
Omega Vac Supreme filter (single) $14.00 [Learn More]   
Omega Vac Supreme filters (double pack) $27.50 [Learn More]   
Omega Vac HEPA Filter (single) $33.50 [Learn More]   
Omega Vac ULPA .12 micron filter (this is a special order item) $62.50 [Learn More]   
Omega Vac Supreme Deluxe Backpack $106.00 [Learn More]   

HCTV VacuumHCTV Vacuum, our largest vacuum, is designed for high volume users. A foot pedal makes it easy to clean material while sitting at a table or lab bench. Its rolling base doubles as a tray for storing the vacuum’s accessories. With a five-gallon capacity, this vacuum offers two levels of filtration: Toner and dust filter bucket and HEPA filter bucket, 5 gallon. Great for general exhibit and storage room cleaning. Suction is stronger than normally desired for cleaning collections. It comes with an extra-long flexible stretch hose, increasing your reach.

HCTV Vacuum w/5 gallon ESD safe Toner filter $575.00 [Learn More]   
HCTV Vacuum w/5 gallon HEPA filter $587.50 [Learn More]   
HCTV 5 Gallon bucket filter $66.50 [Learn More]   
HCTV 5 Gallon HEPA bucket filter $73.25 [Learn More]   
HCTV Deluxe Backpack $106.00 [Learn More]   

Floor tools in hanging caddyVacuum Accessories fit our Atrix vacuums, making them more flexible. Micro-tools attach to the hose to create a finer cleaning capability. Longer hoses and hose couplers ensure any distance can be reached with your Atrix vacuum without risking the collection. We carry a Tote for the Express Vac and filters for all of our vacuums.

Micro-tools $16.75 [Learn More]   
6 ft. hose $41.00 [Learn More]   
10 ft. hose $49.00 [Learn More]  
Hose coupler (joining two hoses) $21.50 [Learn More]   
Flexneck crevice tool $15.95 [Learn More]  

Collections Caretaker Vol 1 No 2
Vol.1 No.2
Vacuum Cleaners

  $5.00 [Learn More] 

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