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The Web Links area is a “work in progress” which will evolve into a comprehensive set of resources explaining the process of building this web site. All areas involved will be discussed and contain “useful” links to pertinent resources. 


Preservation Pages

Conserve-O-Gram Series  (full text available for downloading)

NPS Publications, including Conserve-O-Grams, to download

Society for the Preservation of Natural History Collections
(full text leaflets available for downloading)

Iowa Cooperative Preservation Consortium Preservation Tip Sheets

National Archives and Records Administration – Publications Archives: Preservation, Standards, and Technical

List of NEDCC Leaflets

Heritage Preservation

Maritime Archaeological Conservation at the Department of Materials Conservation


Preservation Web Mid Atlantic

Journal of Conservation and Museum Studies

Ink Corrosion Links

Canadian Heritage Information Network

Online Conservation/Preservation Serials

NPS Publications, including Conserve-O-Grams, to download

Archival Products Newsletter Articles

The Museum Computer Network Home Page

Library Of Congress Preservation Resources

National Union Catalog of Manuscript Collections – Library of Congress

The International Committee for Documentation of the International Council of Museums (ICOM-CIDOC)

National Archives and Records Administration

The Campbell Center

Japanese Museum Links

Museum Resource Links

Terry Quinlan’s Conservation Resources

Cyndi’s List of Geneaology Sites on the Internet

NPS Conserve-O-Grams

Council on Library and Information Resources

Institute of Paper Science and Technology

The McCrone Group

solinet Preservation Leaftlets

solinet Preservation Resources On The Internet: Organizations and Institutions

Archetype Publications Home Page

National IPM Network (US)

State Partners of the Cooperative State Research, Education, and Extension Service (links to all state cooperative extension services)

Preservation, Disaster & Archives Web Sites


World Wide Web Help and Resources



Learn the Net: An Internet Guide and Tutorial

Google – Best Search Engine

Google Groups (was Dejanews) – Search Usenet

Dogpile – A Multi-Engine Search Tool

Essential Links

Yahoo! – Internet and Web:


The Webmaster’s Reference Library

The Web Developer’s Virtual Library Matt’s Script Archive

The CGI Resource Index

The Net: User Guidelines and Netiquette, by Arlene Rinaldi

Dale Bewley’s Perl Scripts and Links

Kira’s Web Toolbox

CGI Programming Class

Web Design Tips

The Internet Design & Publishing Center

Web Developers Virtual Library



Scanning, Graphics and Photography


ACE Indexes, Hundreds of Camera and Video Stores, Mail Order Photo Equipment Suppliers, Custom Labs, Service Bureaus, Camera Repair Facilities, Manufacturers of Photographic and Digital Imaging Equipment, and Much More!

Welcome to ZoneZero

dpi – digital photography and imaging





MPEG . ORG – MPEG Pointers and Resources

MPEG . ORG – Other Video and Audio Compression Sites

MpegTV – real-time MPEG software for Unix

Multimedia Central Home Page


Software Download Sites



Jumbo – Downloads – Downloads – PC




Computer Help and Resources


PC Lube and Tune

TechWeb – the IT Network

Microsoft Technical Support Knowlege Base

Apple Tech Info Library Knowledge Base