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Design and Construction of Exhibit Mounts On-line Course

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Instructor: Ariel Rolfe
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Sprucing up your exhibits with safe, effective, inexpensive mounts can be easier and more fun than you thought. With a few tools, good technique and a bit of practice, you will be well on the way to presenting your objects in their most interesting light, with an eye on long-term safety and security. Design and Construction of Exhibit Mounts presents the basics of mountmaking for the small to medium-sized museum including tools, techniques and materials. Be prepared to construct mounts during the course. Students will be sent a list of materials and tools to acquire before the course commences. Come along and exercise your creative side while doing the collection a world of good.

Course Outline:
1. Introduction Basics of Mountmaking
2. Measuring
3. Tools and Equipment
4. Materials and Adhesives
5. Plexiglas
6. Brass
7. Foam
8. Padding and Barriers
9. Ties and Attachments
11. Conclusion

Required Mountmaking Tools:
In order to complete some of the mount assignments, you will need to acquire these items:

Propane or MAP gas torch

Solid jeweler’s silver solder (Not hardware variety that comes with flux,it is too weak. Jeweler’s solder starts at 65% silver and goes up to about 85% for hardness. The higher the % of silver, the higher temperature required to melt it.)

Flameproof surface

Safety glasses

Container for cooling water

Sharp knife for foam cutting. This can be a common sharp paring knife.

“Scotchbrite” pads

Common flat “mill” file

Access to soap and water

Flat surface

Hot glue gun

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