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Care of Metals On-line Course

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Outdoor sculpture, silver tea service, gold jewelry, axe head, wheel rim – metals are found in most museum collections and may be stored or displayed indoor or outdoors depending on the object. Learn how to identify different types of metal and their alloys. Gain an understanding of how and why metals deteriorate and methods for preventing deterioration from occurring or continuing. The pros and cons of different popular treatments will be covered along with recommendations for the least damaging approach to treatment. Care of Metals provides a simplified explanation of the chemistry and structure of metals, explaining the importance of the galvanic series and electrochemistry in care strategies. Starting with an overview of the history and function of metals and how they are made, the course will cover guidelines for handling, labeling, exhibiting and storing metals. An overview of treatments, including cleaning, used on metals and how appropriate they are for the long-term preservation of the metal object will help students make care decisions when consulting with conservators.

Course Outline:

1. Introduction: History of Metals

2. Identifying Metals

3. Properties of Metals

4. Metal Extraction and Fabrication

5. Risks to Metals

6. Preventive Measures

7. Documentation and Handling

8. Treating Metals

9. Conclusion

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