Pest Management in Museums, Archives, and Historic Houses


Author: David Pinniger. This is a working guide to help people recognize insect, rodent and bird pests and take practical steps to prevent and control damage to collections. It covers the many recent developments in Integrated Pest Management (IPM) in the heritage sector. The book includes new information on trapping and detection of pests and the advantages and disadvantages of physical and chemical control measures. The illustrations have been produced especially for this book and are some of the clearest pictures of museum insects yet published.

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Mount-making for Museum Objects


by Robert Barclay, Andre Bergeron and Carole Dignard This book provides specific information and useful advice on the mounting of museum objects. Topics covered include reasons for creating mounts, recommended stable materials, tips on choosing materials, the working properties of materials, and methods for measuring artifacts. Objects with custom-made mounts are illustrated with photographs and line drawings. A supplier list and bibliography add to the overall quality of this book.

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UV Detector


This detector contains UV Detecting Beads inside of a clear plastic bottle. When the detector is shielded from UV radiation, the beads are white. When exposed to UV radiation (between 360 and 300 nm in wavelength), the beads turn purple. This detector can change color thousands of times.

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Basic Condition Reporting: A Handbook 1998, third edition


Marie Demeroukas, editor. Be the first on your block to own this great new edition which contains a variety of basic condition reporting forms. Essays are on a wide assortments of objects and material. This spiral bound handbook, 150 pages in length, was written and reviewed by SERA - Southeastern Registrars Association members, registrars and other museum professionals. Packed with valuable resource information, it will serve as a practical guide for anyone who cares for museum collections. This is the new definitive work on condition reporting.

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