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Vol.1 No.1 Summer 1997 Long Range Preservation Planning
Conservation assessment grant funds available Mark your calendar for Oct. 10 CAP action

by Helen Alten

The National Institute for the Conservation of Cultural Property (NIC) has Conservation Assessment Program (CAP) grants for 1998. Applications will be mailed on Oct. 10,1997 to museums on NIC's list.

Since CAP grants are awarded on a first-come, first-served basis, museums are advised to submit their application materials as quickly as possible. Last year, most institutions whose applications were received within the first week of the mailing received funding.

Receive more information, make sure you are on the CAP mailing list, and receive sample applications by contacting:

Eve Blackburn
CAP, National Institute for the Conservation of Cultural Property
3299 K Street, NW, Suite 602
Washington, DC 20007-4415
tel: 202-625-1495
e-mail: eblackburn@nic.org

CAP provides matching grants for a general conservation assessment or survey of a museum's collections, environmental conditions and sites. Conservation priorities are identified by professional conservators who spend two days on-site and three days writing a report. Reports produced by conservators help museums develop strategies for improved collections care and provide a tool for long-range planning and fund-raising.

CAP is designed to serve museums with small- to medium-sized collections and sites that can be surveyed in two days. CAP is a one-time grant awarded to eligible museums on a non-competitive basis.

Sample applications are available to museums before the mail out date. Successful applicants in the past filled out a sample application beforehand, and then transferred the information to the new forms when they arrived. The new forms were then federal expressed to NIC.

Helen Alten has written and lectured on preventive care techniques since 1986. She is an objects conservator specializing in treatments for historical, archaeological and ethnographic materials.

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