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Collections Caretaker

Vol.1 No.1 Summer 1997 Long Range Preservation Planning
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Welcome to the first issue of the Collections Caretaker. Published quarterly by the Northern States Conservation Center, the Collections Caretaker is designed to appeal to museum staff and volunteers. Emphasizing preservation of museum collections, it covers topics of interest to large and small institutions of every type and description, including living history museums, art museums, natural history museums, historical societies and privately owned collections.

Publisher: Northern States Conservation Center
Editor: Helen I. Alten
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Filled with practical information that you can apply to the care of your collection, the goal of the Collections Caretaker is to keep you up to date on advances in the museum field and provide case studies of interesting collections care solutions. The Collections Caretaker will keep you informed of useful workshops, publications and grant deadlines.

This issue provides an overview of collections care and long range conservation planning. Future issues will cover topics such as exhibit construction, lighting, storage up-grades, fund-raising, pest management, emergency planning and response and security. The Northern States Conservation Center hopes you enjoy the articles in this complimentary issue. Please write with your comments.

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